Dah dun dah dun DUNN dunn…

You would not believe how many people on WordPress have some form of “Brunhild” as a username.  I must have spent twenty minutes last night combing Wikipedia for variations in spelling, and then trying them all out.  Brinhillde?  Brunnhilda?  My favorite, Brynhildr, or even just Hildr?  Nope.  Ditto for all the other names of valkyries I could find…except for some of the more esoteric ones, like Herfjotur.  I didn’t start this blog just so I could spend time telling people how to pronounce my username.

So why am I starting this blog?  Well, my life has gotten pretty damn weird in the last three weeks.  I moved to the Bay Area after six years in Manhattan to live with my boyfriend.  A week after I moved, with the new apartment still in boxes and a “to-do” list the size of a novella, my boyfriend was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

I have cried, and thought I’d never stop.  I have been stronger than I’ve ever been before.  I have over-reached, and fallen, and been caught and supported by friends in ways I could never have imagined I’d need.  I have threshed the good of the situation from an overwhelming mountain of bad and tragic and terrifying.

This blog is to help me do all those things.  It’s also a place to put the funnier and more personal stuff, the stuff that doesn’t make it onto our Facebook group or into my conversations with his mother.  This is the place for the cursing, and the laughter, and the jokes about pee (apparently, once you’re in the hospital, it’s all jokes about pee).  I’d be honored if you’d join me by reading and commenting.  And yes, I will be remaining fairly anonymous, and protecting the boyfriend’s privacy as well.

Valkyries, away!




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2 responses to “Dah dun dah dun DUNN dunn…

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for reaching out and giving us all ways to accompany you on this journey. (Even if I did originally read the post title as the theme song to Jaws).

  2. Sarah Nazimova-Baum

    Am reading along with you, and sending love and prayers for peace and healing…

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