Not Chicken Little. The other one.

I really, really wanted to name this blog The Little Red Hen.  I tried every variation on that name I could think of, on multiple blog host sites.  Apparently, I’m not nearly as original as I like to believe I am.  Everything was taken.

All this is just to say that, had I been able to use my original concept, I would have had something much more clever to say about this loaf of rosemary foccacia I baked yesterday.

The first bread baked in our new home.

I bought the flour, I kneaded the dough, I baked the bread, and Faramir helped me eat it.


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  1. Elizabeth K

    “Ride of the Valkyries” is playing on WNYC at this moment…it’s raining so hard and is so dark that it seems like they may swoop down at any moment! Thinking of you, brave baker!

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