Settling In

So, this happened yesterday:

A couple of nights ago, as I was taking a walk before bed, this little girl darted out onto the sidewalk.  She trotted along with me like a vigilant puppy–running a little ahead, checking out someone’s yard, doubling back and sniffing where I’d just walked.  She followed me all the way up the stairs to my front door.

When I got back from grocery shopping yesterday morning, she was sitting on my steps waiting for me.  Though I gently nudged her away with my foot, I knew it was only a matter of time before this persistent kitty got what she wanted.  When my landlord came by with an electrician to look at our front hall light, she saw her chance.  She proceeded to saunter around like she owned the place: curious, but in no way fearful.  When I sat down on the couch a little while later, she hopped into my lap and made herself at home.

It’s hard to tell exactly what her situation is.  She doesn’t have a collar.  She was thin, but nowhere near underfed (and she was clearly used to being taken care of, as she demonstrated by sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and meowing until I gave her some water.  She looked at me like, “Seriously?  You don’t have any tuna?”).  She was dirtier than I expect a housecat to be, but her fur was soft and unmatted.  Most importantly, she was adorable.

I haven’t seen her today, which I have to admit is disappointing.  Even though it would be ridiculous to start taking care of a cat right now (especially a brand-new cat–we’re talking vet visits and a whole lot of supplies to buy)…one of our big plans for this summer was to get a cat, and having this little sweetheart around for the afternoon made me realize how much I want one.  Yes, I named her in my head.  No, I won’t say what.

My feline visitor was a bright way to end what has been a pretty terrible week.  It’s taken Faramir and me several days and lots of hard conversations to adjust to his being back in the hospital.  We’re doing much better with each other now, and I’m happy to be  ending this week on a positive note, because tomorrow…

…I go back to work.  Yes, work.  It may surprise you to learn that, when I’m not performing my many duties as a nurse/therapist/cook/handholder extraordinaire, I teach young children (which, now that I think about it, is all of the above plus shapes and colors).  Tomorrow, my co-teacher and I start setting up our classroom; next Tuesday, a new crop of students arrives and we start building a world together.  Thinking about going back is like the normal post-vacation brainfog, except about a hundred times thicker and stranger.  Somewhere other than the hospital?  Something other than running errands?  I hope I remember how that works.



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