Okay, well, I managed not to let an entire month elapse before posting again, right?  That’s got to count for something.

So many things have happened since I last posted that I’m not sure where to begin.  Let’s see.  While Faramir was still in the hospital to recover from his fourth and final round of chemo, the nurses at several major hospitals in the Bay Area went on strike.  Although the union had only called for a one-day walkout, Sutter Health and Kaiser locked the nurses out for five days so that they could hire “traveling nurses” (read: scabs) to fill their positions.  It was every bit as crazy as you’re thinking: hundreds of strangers, with minimal training in the policies and procedures of these hospitals, with patients’ lives in their hands.

Then he came home, and spent 48 fairly uncomfortable hours around the house until he was back in the ER on a Friday night.  Our caution and obedience–we were told to go in if his fever got above 100.5, and that’s exactly what we did–were rewarded by a four-day hospital stay which was almost as miserable as anything else we’ve been through over the past few months.  Ugh, it was so awful.  Faramir was in pain, and I was a mess.  Our only salvation lay in the fact that his cell counts had rebounded enough that he was no longer on the neutropenic diet, and thus I could bring him takeout instead of cooking everything myself.

Now he’s home for real.  We’ve had almost two weeks of recovery and domesticity, interspersed with tests and doctor appointments.  We’ve gone to restaurants, run errands together, and had friends over.  It’s eerily like normal life; I use that word because despite all the trappings of normalcy, there’s an intense and unsettling feeling of transition.  We’re moving into a new season, a new phase of our life together.  Experiences are becoming anecdotes.  This feeling makes it hard to sum up the past four weeks into one neat blog post that won’t take me four hours to compose; it also makes me reluctant to write every day.  It’s hard to concretize feelings and experiences when everything feels transitory and impermanent.  However, I am going to try to be more prolific around here, if only because the more I write, the easier it will get.

See you soon(er),




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  1. So glad to hear that Faramir is home! Was checking blog every day for an update but didn’t want to nag!. Wish I could send you both some pumpkin bread I just made!

  2. Thanks! I caught up with your blog last night, and was glad to see how well you’re settling in. You made us both miss Oxford–I used to love walking along the canal path.

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