Sometimes I write essays, sometimes I write lists.

Sometimes I even write concise, pithy titles for my blog posts.  Not this time, suckas!  Oh Lord, I’m tired.

  • Back to work this week.  The children were delightful and angelic the first day, and then a mess the rest of the week, which pretty much sums up my behavior as well.  Things should be more normal next week.  It was damn hard getting back into the routine of waking up early and working all day.  My re-adjustment was compounded by the fact that everybody asks “How was your break?” as a casual conversation starter, and I have to decide each time if this is a person who needs to hear about how my break really was.
  • I worked Saturday morning at my school’s open house for prospective parents, earning me many points in the eyes of my boss and the chance to get a fresh look around campus.  It is becoming clearer to me that it’s not the school that’s diametrically opposed to everything I believe about education and classroom management, it’s just my co-teacher.*   This is frustrating and encouraging at the same time.

  • Yesterday Faramir and I went with some friends to a local distillery and sampled their gin, vodka, and assorted liqueurs.  A good, slightly buzzed time was had by all.  I tasted absinthe for the first time.
  • Yesterday I also participated, via Skype and the postal service, in a Secret Santa-style gift exchange with my dearest friends in the world.  We’ve done this every year since our freshman year of college.  It’s hard to describe these friends, or the gift-giving process.  We treasure each other.  Every year, it’s a wonder to see how much care people put into their gifts, and how delighted the recipients are to get something from someone who truly knows them.  I missed being there with them.
  • Things have been super wedding-y around here these past few days.  Maybe it’s because we’re relatively out of the medical woods, plus it’s the new year?  All of a sudden, I feel like people are asking us about dates, locations, and plans in a much more specific way than they were before.
  • Faramir and I started watching Dr. Who, which has long been on our to-do list.  I will probably have a lot of thoughts about it, which ought to make future posts really interesting!  Who doesn’t want to read re-hashings of our arguments about Dr. Who/Back To The Future-style time travel VS. Lost/Terminator-style time travel?
  • I finished Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot, which I’ve been reading since October.  If you’d told me how much I would enjoy a 900-page 19th-century novel, I never would have believed you.  I’m currently reading and loving The Children’s Book by A. S. Byatt.

That’s all I got brainpower for tonight.  See you next time!


*I’m being dramatic.  She’s not completely opposed to everything I believe about education…it just feels like that sometimes.



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2 responses to “Sometimes I write essays, sometimes I write lists.

  1. betweenfactandbreakfast

    Are you starting with the most current Dr. Who or working your way through it? I really like the current Doctor but others tell me David Tennant is the best. I even have a “Doctor Hoo” shirt which depicts all the doctors as owls which I wear to cheer myself up . . .

  2. We started with Christopher Eccleston and are now in the first few episodes of David Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor. We may eventually go back and watch older ones, although I think they might cross the line between “entertaining” and “kitschy” that the current series straddles so well.
    LOVE that t-shirt (I looked it up)!

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