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Dr. Wilkinson's Hot Springs Resort

Okay.  So here are some things that have happened over the past several weeks.  Has it really been several weeks?  Yes, Brynhildr.  Yes it has.

  • Faramir and I went to the above-pictured spa in Calistoga to get covered in hot mud and soaked in mineral water.  Turns out both those things are amazing.  We had a lovely weekend wandering around Calistoga (this is not hard, because there’s really only one street), doing a little hiking, eating an expensive and delicious meal at the much more expensive spa up the street, and enjoying the aforementioned mud and hot water.
  • I spent the week before that weekend leading my school’s “President’s Week” camp: we have the week off, but run a limited-enrollment camp for children whose parents need the childcare.  It was tons of fun, even with a last-minute lice scare.  I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted with those kids, which resulted in science projects, picnics on the playground, and open-ended art.  And hey, I learned how to check heads!
  • Coming back to my regular work routine after a week of camp, however, was frustrating.  I got over it, but there was an anxious and sucky couple of days where I felt like I was doing everything wrong.  Or, rather, like I had spent a week doing what I thought was right, and had to re-adjust.  I occasionally look at job postings in other Bay Area schools, to remind myself both that I’ll always have options and that looking for a new job is so, so much worse than working at one that I don’t always find thrilling.
  • I gave up wedding planning for Lent.  Just my own, that is.  I’m still helping out with my sister’s.  I’ve also been (finally!) getting myself out of the house on Sunday mornings to go to different churches, in hopes of finding one I can call home.
  • I made my first strawberry-rhubarb pie.  It was not only the first one I’ve made, but I’m pretty sure it was the first one I’ve eaten.  It was completely bitchin’.
  • Exit Rose Tyler, enter Martha Jones.  I find her a tremendous improvement.

As always, I want to do this more often.  I intend to write again soon.


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